Judith Christine and Beverly Ness are two sisters who spent a happy, adventurous, and sometimes mischievious childhood in the Connecticut River Valley in the little town of Northfield, Masschusetts.  Most of their time was spent outdoors.  Their paternal grandmother owned a family farm and the sisters served as childhood labor picking cucumbers in the summer.

Late in the afternoon after all the cucumbers had been sorted and bagged for pickup by the Oxford Pickle Company (sorry Oxford, we were sad to see you go schnitzel), their dad would reward them for their hard work and send them over to the Salmon Falls swimming hole in Roaring Brook to play with the scooped out bloated yellow cucumber sailboats he made them from the cukes not fit to sell.  (Thanks Dad for the great work ethic you instilled in us!)  In the deep woods where the swimming hole was located, the sisters entered a near magical world where the heat, sweat and grime of serving as childhood labor was washed away by the cool, clear waters, deep shade, and Polish gnomes that lived under the toadstools.

And that's where some of their best New England childhood memories were made - in Salmon Falls swimming hole in Roaring Brook.  As the two little slave sisters grew older, they came to relish (a little pun?) being outdoors and often had cameras in hand to capture the magic of what we New Englanders know to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.  And after many years of talking about starting a photography company to share their photos with other people who also love New England, a late mid-life awareness inspired the two sisters to put pixels to camera and make good on their dream.